Founded fifty seven years ago, in 1959, Mediotic Laboratories also know as, Siba’i and Partners for pharmaceutical products officially registered with both the Ministry of Health license No 23, and the Ministry of Commerce license No 470. Mediotic Labs appeared as an active plant in1960. Mediotic Labs production-plant and headquarters are located in Homs, the central city in Syria and considered the intersection point of for all industrial and commercial routes. Mediotic Labs lies over a plant close to 5,000 squared meters in total area, 1,200 of these squared meters are assigned for Production. Mediotic Labs created Scientific Offices, located in Damascus and Homs, hiring doctors, pharmacists and chemist to help the company in reaching new grounds of product research and development. As a pioneer in the drug manufacturing industry in Syria, Mediotic Labs rapidly expanded to become a major market leader, achieving nonstop continuing growth in each of its 55 plus years of existence and establishing and developing the basis for the national medicine industry. The company is recognized as a leading pharmaceutical company in Syria, and has been developing an excellent reputation of dedication and persistence in today’s ever-changing markets. To be able to compete with outside markets, Mediotic Labs have looked at external markets and started building grounds. Now, The company is registered in countries likes Iraq, Sudan and Yemen. Pending registration in countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Mali, Jordan, Lebanon, and Ethiopia. Mediotic Labs created numerous jobs over the years for the local community, and continues to do so with a working force of over 150 employees in its facilities. The company is built around qualified staff of the finest pharmacists, doctors, engineers, chemists and personnel holding highest standards of certificates, also provided a list of the working personnel in Mediotic Labs. Our Research and Development teams make full use of our state of the art laboratories. For the improved and regulated medicinal production, Mediotic Labs implements the Good Manufacturing Practices in it facilities. Committed to total quality and performance, protection of the environment and the well being of it employees, Mediotic Labs is registered to the prestigious international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and pending for the certification of ISO 18001:2007. Mediotic Labs main lines of production are: Solid-Form Products: 1.Tablets 2.Coated Tablets 3.Capsules 4.Powder Semi-Solid Form Products: 1.Creams, Ointments and Gels 2.Lotions 3.Suppositories and Ovules Liquid-Form Products: 1.Syrups, Oral Suspensions and Solutions 2.Oral and Nasal drops 3.Nasal Sprays 4.Water Filling Sachet Mediotic Labs operates different manufacturing processes that include the production of over 100 products in different forms. Names and Formulas of its pharmaceutical preparations could be found the company website, or could be supplied to you by fax, via regular or express mail, or through email. A list of Mediotic products shall be provided here on facebook. Mediotic Labs is licensed and also manufactures cosmetics and food supplements along its regular lines of medicament. Mediotic Labs continuously invests in the latest technological advances in machinery and materials to ensure that products are monitored and controlled at all stages of production thus customers get the best products available. Mediotic Labs facilitate the best equipment in its Quality Control laboratories, where testing is performed on raw materials, filling and packing materials, process control and testing of the final product. Mediotic Labs Quality Control lab performs: • Chemical Testing. • Physical Testing. • Microbiological Testing. • Stability Studies. Having qualified staff and state-of-the-art QC lab equipment precludes Mediotic Labs from requesting help from other labs or outsourcing any of its processes. The Health Administrative Department schedules -impromptu- monthly visits to monitor production processes, taking random samples to test them at the MOH laboratories. Quality and reliability are keys to the company's manufacturing excellence. Here at Mediotic Labs we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality from raw materials to final packaged products. Mediotic Labs Goal is to have products that meet customer needs, giving the best solution every time, helping patients in easing the pain and creating a healthier community.

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